Voltage Grade Outdoor Termination Indoor Termination Joint
8.7/15KV ONS-15/3*1*2*3*4*5 INS-15/3*1*2*3*4*5 JNS-15/3*1*2*3*4
SQ.MM 25-50,70-120,150-240,300-400,500-630 25-50,70-120,150-240,300-400,500-630 25-50,70-120,150-240,300-400
26/35KV ONS-35/3*1*2*3*4 INS-35/3*1*2*3*4 JNS-35/3*1*2*3*4
SQ.MM 50-95,120-185,240-400,500-630 50-95,120-185,240-400,500-630 50-95,120-185,240-400,500-630

We produced high quality cold shrinkable cable outdoor/indoor termination of 8.7/15kv, 12/20,26/35kv  also cold shrinkable cable straight joint, and have TYPE TEST report from TICW (China national centre for quality supervision and test of electric wire and cable), price are competitive.

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Busbar Insulate Tube    Kynar Shrinkage Tube
    EndCap/Breakout/RainShed    Wraparound Sleeve 
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NEW PRODUCTS: Medium Voltage Line Cover Cold Shrink Termination Joint CNCST-2 通信冷缩管套件 PFA FEP shrink tube

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