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0.6~36kv Bus bar insulation tubes. 

Two Types: Continuous tube & Cutting one
No. Property Value
1  Shore A Hardness 80
2  Density 1.15103Kg/m3
3  Water Absorption 0.5%
4  Shrink Temperature 130 5C
5  Radial Shrink Ratio 50%
6  Longitudinal Shrink Ratio 5.0%
7  Tensile Strength 120Mpa
8  Elongation  400%
9  Electric Strength 23KV/mm
10  Volume Resistivity
11  Oxygen Index 30

Materials: High dielectric-strength, radiation cross-linked heat-shrinkable materials, which are specially formulated to provide flexible and high resistance to arcing and tracking and high thermal endurance through out the range of switchgear operating temperature
Heat Shrinkable Continuous Length Bus-Bar Tube
1KV & 11 KV
1kv 11kv continuous length busbar insulation sleeve

MPG11L 11KV thickness after full shrinkage mm
20/10 2
30/15 2.1
40/20 2.2
50/25 2.2
60/30 2.3
70/35 2.4
80/40 2.4
100/50 2.5
120/60 2.5
150/75 2.5

Heat Shrinkable Bus-Bar Cutting Length 11 & 36 KV

Thickness after Full Shrinkage in mm
Size 11KV   36KV  
25/10 2.2mm   3.8mm  
30/12 2.3mm   3.8mm  
40/16 2.5mm   3.9mm  
50/20 2.7mm   4.1mm  
65/25 2.7mm   4.2mm  
75/30 2.8mm   4.2mm  
85/35 2.9mm   4.2mm  
100/40 3mm   4.2mm  
120/50 3.1mm   4.3mm  
150/60 3.2mm   4.3mm  
180/60 3.2mm   4.3mm  
200/60 3.3mm   4.3mm  

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